Springburn Harriers Juniors' Cross Country - 21st February 2021

21st February 2021
Woohead Park, Kirkintilloch
Springburn Harriers Running and Athletics Club
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Primary 5 - Primary 7: 1200m - Wave 1


21st February 2021 at 9:30am

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Primary 5 - Primary 7: 1200m - Wave 2


21st February 2021 at 10:00am

Entries close 19th February 2021

Primary 5 - Primary 7: 1200m - Wave 3


21st February 2021 at 10:30am

Entries close 19th February 2021

Primary 5 - Primary 7: 1200m - Wave 4


21st February 2021 at 11:00am

Entries close 19th February 2021

S1 - S6: 2.4K Race


21st February 2021 at 11:30am

Sold out

Competition Information


1.      Competition Bubbles


Race Conduct

The event will take place in waves or bubbles of up to 30 athletes . Spectators are discouraged during this phase although ONE adult chaperone will be allowed for athletes aged under 18 but must behave in line with welfare guidance, and should maintain physical distancing at all times.


Competitors will be allocated their competition bubbles prior to the day and will be divided into groups of no more than 30, in line with government guidance for sport. Interaction between different athlete bubbles will be avoided.

When outside the competition bubble, athletes aged 12+ must maintain 2 metres physical distancing from all other event attendees, in line with general government guidance. Athletes enter a bubble when they enter the designated Pre-Start Warm Up zone and leave it when they depart from the finish area.


2.      Course


The course is the same route that we have successfully used the last few years – 1 small lap and 1 large lap for the 1200m and 3 large laps for the 2400m.


3.      Race Schedule


The waves will be set off at 30 minutes intervals to allow us to clear the course of one wave plus chaperones before the next wave starts.  Wave times are detailed in the q-buster entry information



4.      Pre-Event Entries and Declarations


Entry Process

Entries will be taken in advance only from q-buster and entries will close on Thursday 12th November at MIDNIGHT. There will be NO entries on the day.

Declarations Procedure

Athletes will arrive warmed up and ready to run and NO EARLIER than 15 minutes before their race time. They will come to race HQ to collect their number. They will then be escorted to a holding area and then taken directly to the race start. Chaperones will be directed to the specator area outside the competition area. While in the spectator area they should observe 2m physical distancing.

5.      The Athlete Journey



  1. Arrive

Athletes should arrive at the designated time for their bubble/wave (approx. 10-15 minutes before the start time), maintaining physical distancing. It will not be possible to walk the course before racing.

  1. Call Up (Entry to the COVID-secure zone)

Check in at HQ then be escorted to the call up zone to join your competition bubble. Physical distancing within the bubble is not required, but athletes must not mix with other competition bubbles in front or behind. Call up will be around 10 minutes before the wave’s start time.


  1. Enter Start Box

Athletes are escorted to the Start Box around 5 minutes before the wave start time. Clothing and bags should not be brought into this area. Enter the start area in competition bubble ready to be called forward to the start line. Start officials should check off runners so an accurate record of participants is maintained.

  1. Race


  1. Finish Area

Once runners have crossed the line and had their time and number recorded, they are to depart the competition area. Personal hygiene in this area is crucial: i.e. no handshakes or hugs between athletes, and no spitting, vomiting or similar.

  1. After the race (leaving the COVID-secure zone)

After the race, athletes will be instructed to collect any belongings and will then be escorted to their adult chaperonein the specatator area on the outside of the competition area.

  1. Depart - 

Athletes will return to their cars with their adult chaperone and immediately leave the competition area and car park - no spectating for later races will be permitted.


6.      Other Considerations



There will be NO toilets at the competition area and no access to any indoor facilities.