North Lanarkshire's Virtual Run/Cycle Event 2021 - 19th April 2021

Run or Cycle your way into Spring, in support of suicide prevention

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North Lanarkshire’s Virtual Run/Cycle Event 2021

Run or Cycle your way into Spring, in support of suicide prevention

Why not sign up for our event and give yourself a target to work towards, whilst raising awareness of an important and worthy cause? The need to look out for our neighbours, friends and family has never been greater than it is right now. Restrictions on being able to spend time with the people we care about is tough so sign up to our event to give yourself a focus through the winter months and help us to spread the word about suicide prevention.

This event is a Virtual Run OR Cycle event whereby all participants will take part on their own or as part of a team at a location of their choice and track their run or cycle on a GPS tracking app and submit this as evidence that you have completed your chosen distance.

The event will take place over one week in April 2021 when all participants will complete their chosen event/distance in a single attempt over the duration of this week.

The event week will be the week beginning the 19th of April 2021.

The sign-up period will be from Friday 15th January 2021 until Sunday 21st of March 2021

This event is for all ages and abilities and we have a range of categories to hopefully suit as many people as possible:

Beginner - 5K run or 15K Cycle

Intermediate - 10K run or 30K cycle

Advanced - 20K run or 50K cycle

Team Entry –  Team of 5 (50K run or 100K cycle as a team)

                                  Team of 10 (100K run or 200K cycle as a team)

                                  Team of 15 (150K run or 300K cycle as a team)

Please note that if you would prefer to walk instead of run, you are still able to enter and you can walk any of the running distances 

All details and procedures on how to submit your event evidence will be sent via email to you prior to the event week.

  • Please note that if you are signing up as part of a team, please ensure you adhere to Governing Body and Government Guidelines with regards to meeting others out with your household to train and take part in the event.
  • Due to current restrictions, for team entries we would recommend that you train individually and communicate regularly with your team on your progress.
  • For more information, please see links below;

When you sign up to the event you will be sent a complimentary ‘Sports Pack’ in the post to help you train and raise awareness for the event which will include a suicide prevention branded bag, sports snood, water bottle, stress ball and suicide prevention information leaflets. If you do not want a sports pack, please confirm this in your entry.

If you are signing up as part of a team, all 'sports packs' will be sent to each team individuals home address.

Please note, delivery of 'sports packs' may take up to 3/4 weeks due to production and delivery timelines. 

On completion of the event, you will be sent a glamorous Medal and T-Shirt in the post to your home

The focus of this event is to raise awareness for Suicide Prevention in North Lanarkshire, therefore there will be a donation from all entry fees to the Samaritans Charity to help those who have been affected by Suicide. 

For more information about suicide prevention, what to look out for, and what to do if you are concerned about someone, visit the website below:

See below for an overview on how the event will work:

Step 1

Enter your chosen Virtual Run or Cycle

Step 2

Receive your ‘Sports Pack’ in the post

Step 3

Train for your event until week beginning the 19th April 2021 to help raise and support Suicide Awareness in North Lanarkshire

Step 4

Take part in the event on week beginning the 19th April 2021 and submit your evidence via a screenshot of your GPS tracking app such as Strava/Garmin etc

Step 5

Receive your fantastic Medal and Tshirt in the post after the event has finished

Good Luck!!